How to Setup the Pesapal Payments App on Shopify

This reading will guide you on how to setup your Shopify Store to accept online payments with Pesapal.
Upon completion, your customers will be able to checkout online and pay with the payment options supported in your country such as Visa, Master Card, Amex, MPESA, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa and others.


 Step 1 - Ensure you have a Pesapal Account

If you already have an account with go to Step 2.

In case you have not yet created a Pesapal Business account, you can create a new PesaPal Business account by registering here: Create a Business Account

If you would like guidance on creating an account, you may contact us here


 Step 2 - Find your Consumer Key and Secret

Go to the email address you used to register your Pesapal Business account and search for “pesapal integration information”. The email should look similar to this:

In case you cannot find this email, you can resend it by going to your Pesapal dashboard, scrolling to the bottom of the page and under Api Credentials, click RESEND.

This should resend the consumer key and secret to your email.


 Step 3 - Install the Pesapal App

Open then click Add App then you will be directed to a page to confirm installation.


In case you have not yet logged in, you might be prompted to login using your Pesapal Business account username and password.

If you are not redirected to the application after entering the username and password it may mean your username or password was entered incorrectly of which you should double check your credentials.


Fill in the Shop Details Form with the consumer key and secret from Step 2 above and press save.

Paste your Pesapal Consumer Key and Secret

You will then be redirected back to your Shopify Store Admin Dashboard to activate the Pesapal App.


 Step 4 - Activate the Pesapal App

Scroll to the bottom then Click ‘Activate’ at the bottom of the page to activate. (Ensure the “Enable Test Mode” option is NOT selected as shown in the screenshot below).

Activate The Pesapal App


 Step 5 - Ensure customers can checkout

Visit your store website. Select an item and checkout. You should be able to see Pesapal as a payment option.

Confirm the Pesapal App has been installed correctly by clicking “Pay with Pesapal”.
You should be directed to a Pesapal page where you can select the various payment methods supported.



 What is Test Mode?

Test mode allows you to checkout and see how the Pesapal payment process works without using real money.

To enable the Pesapal App Test Mode, go to your Store Admin Dashboard → Settings → Payments → Pesapal -> Manage

Scroll to the bottom, Activate “test mode” and press “save”

Then go to your store/shop, add items to your cart, checkout an item and select Pesapal.

You will then see our demo payment page where you can make a “dummy payment” without using real money.

IMPORTANT: remember to turn off “test mode” as soon as you are done previewing the check out process. Otherwise your customers will not be able to make payments.

How to Enable Test Mode



In case you see any error, please send an email to and kindy include screenshots so that we can assist you more efficiently.